Vape Facts

Colorado has experienced an outbreak of severe lung illness associated with vaping. Access the most up to date information here.

Broomfield Tobacco Assessment 

In 2018, Broomfield Public Health and Environment conducted an assessment of tobacco use and exposure in Broomfield. A summary report presents data and information collected from a variety of sources including surveys and interviews with Broomfield community members and leaders. It identifies emerging issues and trends related to cigarettes, vaping, and other tobacco use. Read the City and County of Broomfield Tobacco Focused Community Profile full report.

One of the major findings in the report is the high rate of youth vaping. In 2019, a Tobacco and E-Cigarette Awareness presentation was made to the Broomfield Health and Human Services Advisory Committee on the findings of the assessment and the problem of vaping in our community. The Data Brief infographic on local Broomfield youth tobacco and e-cigarette use was also provided to the committee.

Watch this short video about what you need to know about vape.