Garden in a Box

You’ve decided that this is the year you’ll finally get your yard in shape – but how can you get the gorgeous, colorful garden you’ve always wanted without paying the professional price tag and doubling your water bill? 

Easy. With just a click, you can order a xeric (low-water) garden kit in March that’s ready to pick up and plant in May. These pre-designed kits are tailored to Colorado soil, and the simple plant-by-number maps take the guesswork out of buying and planting. Plus, the garden kits can help you save around 1,000 gallons of water compared to a traditional grass lawn (not to mention savings on your water bill!). Starting at just $111, there’s a Garden In A Box to fit your budget. 

Gardens sell out quickly.  

Visit and see if you qualify for a $25 discount for Broomfield customers. 

Garden In A Box 5

 Order your waterwise Garden In A Box today and spend time enjoying your yard this summer.

Blanket Flower closeup
Garden In A Box Benefits Infographic
Garden In A Box How It Works Infographic
GIAB Pick Up 2
Garden In A Box Veggie Planting

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