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 Fitness Schedule for PDRC & BCC May 27 - 29, 2017

Just For Girls!

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This class is designed especially for 6th and 7th grade girls. We will focus on exercise, movement, nutrition, stress relief, building self-esteem and creating healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Each girl will receive a journal to help her incorporate a home connection with the topics that will be covered in class. Girls will also have the option to receive their weight room certification during the course to ensure their success after the course ends. For ages 10 - 12 years.

Youth Sports Performance

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Classes lead by Personal Trainers who have specialized training with the young athlete. Activities will include strength training, agility drills, lateral movement, flexibility training, resistance running and more! You will also learn basic nutrition to properly fuel your body. Call Veronica at 303-460-6928 to discuss private team training options. Age: 8 - 13 years.

Pole Walking Class Listings

For ages 16 years and above
Walking in its simplest form is walking with poles! Experience the connection between the upper and lower body as you increase cardio respiratory endurance and muscular strength and endurance, while increasing mobility in the upper extremities. Pole Walking supports your body joints to allow you to do more safely. Discover what European fitness buffs have known for years! Pole Walking will change your body and your life.