Voter Registration Counts

                                                         Last Updated - April 29, 2022

Active Inactive Total
American Constitution 89 20 109
Approval Voting
36  5 41
Democrat 15,290
1,435 16,725
Green 84 14 98
Libertarian 584 101 685
Republican 11,080
1,189 12,269
Unaffiliated 25,427 2,899 28,326
Unity 24 1 25
Total Registered Voters 52,614
5,664 58,278
   Active  Inactive  Total
 Ward 1  10,320  1,148  11,468
 Ward 2  8,542  1,924  10,466
 Ward 3  11,339  950  12,289
 Ward 4  11,818  803  12,621
 Ward 5  10,595  839  11,434
Active Status:
Active voters automatically receive a ballot in each election. An Active voter is:
  • Someone who is registered to vote and whose confirmation card or previous mail ballot was not returned as undeliverable.
  • Someone who is registered to vote and has not been identified as having moved to a different state.
  • Someone who has recently registered or updated their voter registration since the last general election.
Inactive Status:
These voters do not automatically receive a mail ballot in each election. They are still eligible to vote by visiting a Voter Service and Polling Center during election time, or they can contact the Elections Division to find out more information about how to reactivate their record. An Inactive Voter is:

  • Undeliverable Ballot or Returned Mail: Voters who no longer reside at the address provided on their voter registration file. Official election correspondence and/or ballot has been returned to the clerk's office as "undeliverable" by the United States Postal Service because the resident no longer lives at the address.
  • NCOA (National Change of Address): Voters who have provided the United States Postal Service with new residence addresses that indicate they have moved out of the State of Colorado.