Resident/Business Preparedness

Residents make a plan today!

  1. Make a plan: 
    1. Sign up for emergency alerts
    2. What is my family/ household communication plan?
    3. Pack or update emergency preparedness kits.
      • Consider the specific needs of your household (dietary needs, disabilities or access, and functional needs including devices and equipment, pets or service animals, and medications.)
  2. Share your plan with neighbors and friends, and encourage them to do the same.
    • Broomfield Emergency Management has created a resource manual called Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  This will help communities build a more resilient and prepared community.
  3. Practice your plan!

Businesses should spend time identifying and planning for a variety of potential hazards. This can lessen the impact and may be the key to the overall success of your business. has a business toolkit to walk you through the preparedness plans for your business.