Broomfield Auditorium

 3 Community Park Road, Broomfield 

This 288 seat facility is great for school events, music, dance, theater and/or corporate events. The Auditorium shares the building with the Broomfield Library and has plenty of free parking. Click here for a map of the handicap parking. 

Starting June 1, 2021 the Broomfield Auditorium will be available by appointment only. Please see the rental information below.

Please note, many city and county services are also available online via self-service, or over the phone. Learn more about the reopening of City and County of Broomfield Services.


Basic Information about Renting the Auditorium

  • Auditorium Square Feet: 6,800
  • Seats 288 chairs + 6 wheel chair accessible spaces
    • Main floor orchestra = 234 chairs and 5 wheel chair accessible spaces
    • Balcony = 54 chairs and 1 wheel chair accessible space
  • Theatrical lighting system
  • Custom sound system
  • Sauter Concert Piano
  • Live stream video system

Find Rental Availability on the Auditorium Booking Calendar (below)

See Auditorium Booking Calendar below to quickly review dates that are booked
. is the booking system.
Select the "Week" View to readily see the times of rentals. Select "Agenda" View to quickly scroll through dates.
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Then Request the Rental Permit on

To Request a Rental Permit, click here for  Make sure to select the Broomfield Auditorium in the drop menu. 60 days prior notice is required for all rentals. Click here for a detailed instruction sheet.

Requested dates for Rental Permits will be held for clients on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be processed in the order of incoming permits.  Requested dates will be blocked from public view on the Auditorium Booking Calendar.
Please email for all inquiries about booking, payment or cancellation. 


Contact Information:

720.887.2371 ●