Rent the Broomfield Auditorium

The 284-seat Broomfield Auditorium is available to rent for performances, recitals and special events. With modern equipment, a knowledgeable technical support team and affordable rental rates, discover what you can create in the auditorium. Located at 3 Community Park Road in Broomfield, the Auditorium is adjacent to the Broomfield Library and has free parking and provides accessible entrances and seating.

  • 6,800 square feet total space
  • 284 seats plus 6 accessible seating spaces across main floor and balcony seating area
  • Theatrical lighting system
  • Custom sound system
  • Video system for live streaming and recording
  • Sauter Concert Piano

2023 Rental Requests

The Broomfield Auditorium is fully booked. There are no open 2023 dates available for rental. You can request up to 3 dates on our waitlist, which will be released to renters in the order they were requested as dates become available due to any cancellations.

Please contact the Auditorium Coordinator at

Broomfield Auditorium 2024 Rental Request and New reservation process

  1. Broomfield Based Organizations & Renters
  2. Non-Broomfield Based Organizations & Renters

Broomfield based organizations and renters Auditorium rental request for 2024 dates

The Broomfield Auditorium has changed its reservation process. In 2022 we saw pre-pandemic numbers for requests to use the Auditorium from arts organizations and community members. With so many different organizations competing for dates in the Auditorium we updated our process to help us manage requests for premium dates, and better aligns us to the City and County of Broomfield’s equity and accessibility goals. 

Starting January 1, 2023, an application form will be made available to Broomfield-based organizations, artists and groups. This form will require an organization to share basic information about their event(s), and to provide us with date choices for those events for the following calendar year.  We request up to 3 alternate date choices for each event date, listed in priority order.  After the deadline of Feb. 3, 2023 staff will compile all requests to create a carefully crafted calendar that supports the goals of each organization and applies an equity framework to the rental process. This schedule allows for organizations to include their reservation dates in the SCFD grant cycle. 

This does not mean that you will not have other opportunities to request dates for events, this is simply an opportunity for your Organization to get first access to premium dates. Auditorium usage requests can be made up to 60 days prior to available dates. Any request to rent the Auditorium made within 60 days of the event date requested will be declined.

These are the qualifications for a Broomfield based organization:

  • Any organization or business must be located in Broomfield and have a Broomfield address for their primary office or location. Satellite locations of Broomfield-based organizations are not eligible.
  • Organizations do not have to be a nonprofit to participate in the Broomfield-based calendar process. 
  • Individuals must utilize a Broomfield-based organization as fiscal agent to participate in the Broomfield-based calendar process. Program must be related to the mission of the fiscal agent.
Feb. 3DEADLINE: Broomfield-based organizations submit date requests (staff may request alternate dates or suggest solutions for overlapping requests)
Feb. 17All groups are notified of final schedule prior to open calendar
March 1Open rental calendar for all groups

Starting January 1, 2023, Broomfield based organizations can make requests for available dates for Auditorium usage in 2024 by filling out this form. Starting March 1, all organizations can make requests for available dates. Any questions can be directed to the Creative Broomfield Arts and History team at

Review our Rental Guidelines, Fees and Policy Information

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