Communities That Care Coalition

Who We Are

Communities that Care (CTC) is an evidence-based process that helps prevent problems before they start. CTC aims to address the underlying causes of youth health and behavioral problems (shared risk and protective factors). Broomfield’s CTC Coalition is comprised of over 50 community members, leaders, and youth focused on the prevention of youth substance use. The coalition works together to identify priorities and implement substance use prevention strategies for youth. 

Vision Statement

Broomfield is a place where I belong; a community where all youth feel supported and connected to their peers, family, school, and neighborhood to foster resiliency.

CTC Process

The CTC process guides the coalition through the process of matching risk factors evident in community data with proven methods for addressing those risks. CTC has identified these key protective and risk factors for youth substance misuse in Broomfield. By increasing protective factors and decreasing risk factors, we will see an impact on youth substance use and other health outcomes.

CTC aims to improve youth outcomes by promoting protective factors and decreasing risk factors for poor mental health and substance use on a community level.

Youth who are connected and involved in extracurricular and school-based activities are more likely to have better mental health and are less likely to use substances*. More than 65% of youth in Broomfield participate in community or school opportunities!

There are four key strategies and programs that CTC works on to promote protective factors and reduce risk factors.

In partnership with Broomfield CTC, Broomfield Public Health and Environment is looking at ways to support our school districts with needed staffing to support youth prevention efforts. 

Broomfield CTC recognizes that there are certain populations that are facing disparities when it comes to health, mental wellbeing, and access to opportunities that lead to improved health and wellbeing. Broomfield CTC is putting specific focus on populations that show disparities in these areas, including youth who identify as LGBTQIA+,  and youth of color. These disparities exist because of discrimination and historical systems that have been put in place to create these inequities. 

As a coalition, we have formed an equity workgroup to examine how we can improve our coalition practices and inclusion. We have monthly equity workshops available to all coalition members to learn more and continue on personal equity journeys. The coalition continues to look at the disparities that arise and prioritize collecting qualitative data to hear about the barriers that exist and how CTC can help advocate for change to create opportunities for all youth to reach their optimal level of health and wellbeing. 


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Youth for Youth Advisory Group

Broomfield Youth for Youth (Y4Y) is the youth advisory group for Broomfield Communities That Care (CTC), a community coalition that uses prevention strategies to reduce youth substance use. Click here to learn more Youth for Youth Advisory Group!


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