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To pick up a complimentary copy of this map, stop by The Broomfield Library, the Broomfield Community Center, the Paul Derda Recreation Center, or the Community Assistance Center at the DiCiero City and County Building. You can also request that one be mailed to you by emailing Open Space. Be sure to provide your name and mailing address.

  • Trail descriptions and videos:
    • The Broomfield Trail:

      • Trail Video: The Broomfield Trail will one day span almost 20 miles across the community, navigating from the Great Western Open Space at the southwest corner of the city, through the center of Broomfield, all the way to the northeast corner of Broomfield. Some significant sections of the trail are already in place, including scenic trails that pass through Interlocken, Lilac Park, Wildgrass, and Anthem. The trail features the newly completed Shep's Lateral Crossing, which bridges over the railroad tracks and provides a key Highline connection near Highway-36 and Interlocken.
    • Lake Link Trail: 

      • Trail Video: The mostly soft-surface Lake Link Trail connects key water features across Broomfield and covers approx. 11 miles from the Lac Amora Open Space on the west side, to McKay Lake on the east edge of the community. The popular Lac Amora and Ridgeview trail sections offer spectacular views of the Front Range mountain backdrop in several locations.
    • Southwest Community Loop Trail: 

      • Trail Video: This trail connects many original neighborhoods near the Broomfield Town Square area to the southwestern edge of the city and to newer neighborhoods to the north. The trail will also provide a direct connection to commercial areas and City services, as new sections are completed in the coming years.

    • Big Dry Creek Trail:

      • This regional trail extends from Standley Lake along the south and west edges of Broomfield beyond Interstate-25, to the east. The trail is now concrete, but with a soft-surface strip, and connects to Broomfield in several locations including the Metzger Farm Open Space and the Willow Run Open Space.

    • Rock Creek and Coal Creek Trails:

      • These regional trails pass to the north and west of Broomfield and connect to many additional trails through Broomfield and Boulder County. ")UThe trails are primarily soft-surface and follow the meandering creeks as they pass through several farms and open space areas. These trails can be reached from the Lac Amora Open Space near Josh’s Pond, the Ruth RÕ!oberts Connector Trail next to Highway 287, or the Anthem Ranch Open Space at Broomfield’s western boundary.

    • U.S. 36 Bikeway: 

      • Trail Video: The bikeway is a multi-use concrete path that provides a seamless connection through Broomfield adjacent to the US-36 Highway. Ultimately, the bikeway provides a trail connection from downtown Denver to downtown Boulder, with the use of other trail connections.

  • Trail Tips, Regulations, and Safety Guidelines
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