Open Space and Trails

All Open Space services will be available by pre-arranged meetings. Walk-in service will be available for simple requests like picking up coyote whistles and trail maps at the Community Assistance Center in the lobby of the George DiCiero City and County Building. Please refer to this contact list to help expedite your request. We look forward to assisting you!  

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Open Space and Trails Updates

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September 30

Statewide watch party for a student-produced video, "Making a Living and a Life; Empowering young people with an ALL Careers approach."

At 6:30 pm on the evening of September 30, there will be a statewide (virtual) watch party for the student-produced video entitled "Making a Living and a Life; Empowering young people with an ALL careers approach."
Please find an invitation to the watch party at the Cottonwood Institute's ALL Careers page - "ALL Careers" Approach - Cottonwood Institute + Entrepreneurial Earth .  There is a link at this page for more info /registration (which you can access directly, here).  Also, see this 2-minute invitation video which includes a nice clip from Colorado Governor, Jared Polis! 
Please help spread the word about this watch party and contact Martin Ogle at with questions or with ideas / offers for publicity for this event.

different careers

Top 10 Active Outdoor Ideas
During the current period of physical distancing and focusing on community health, Broomfield wanted to share some ideas for fun outdoor activities on open space, parks, and trails. These activities focus on movement, safe distancing, fun and goodwill! 

Check it out


Coyote Safety: Guard Your Pets

The wild animals throughout Broomfield, even in residential neighborhoods, think unattended pets are "fair game." Those coyotes, foxes, owls, hawks and eagles don't discern between a cute, cuddly pet and prey. To avoid conflicts between wildlife and pets, here are some pointers: 

  • Keep dogs on a short leash (6ft. or less)
  • Avoid known or potential den sites and areas of thick vegetation
  • Do not allow dogs to "play" with coyotes or foxes
  • Do not leave pet food and water bowls outside
  • Always supervise your pet outside. Do not leave your pet unattended in your yard
  • Keep cats indoors

For additional information, see the Coyote FAQ or email us at

Coyote in Winter Coat at The Field

Wildlife Masters are Here to Help!

Broomfield Wildlife Masters are here to help people coexist with wildlife through non-lethal techniques to keep you and your property safe from all manner of critters, such as squirrels, rabbits, woodpeckers, raccoons, and more! For all questions wildlife, give these expert volunteers a call on their helpline at 303.464.5554 and a Wildlife Master will return your call with FREE advice within 24 hours.

Northern Flicker by Gary Bowen 2017

Cradleboard Trail Detour Beginning October 15, 2020 continuing into 2021.

Detour in place to protect territorial bald eagles during breeding season.

Boulder County, Colo. - Beginning Thursday, Oct. 15, a detour will be in place along a section of the Cradleboard Trail to protect territorial bald eagles during breeding season at the Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm.

The detour will remain in place until the nesting status of the bald eagle pair is clearly confirmed for the 2020/2021 breeding season. Boulder County adheres to all state and federal protection guidelines for raptors, and may impose stricter protections as necessary. Click here for map.

Shep's Crossing

On February 9, 2021 the Broomfield City Council unanimously voted to rename the Midway Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge to Shep's Crossing. In honor of the late stray dog who adopted the toll booth operators for the Denver-Boulder Turnpike many years ago.  In addition to the renaming, 9NEWS featured the Shep's story and our bridge in a special news segment on February 10th, take a look! 

Listen to the 9NEWS Story

Shep's Crossing

30x30 Campaign to Protect 30% of Lands and Oceans/Waterways by 2030

On February 9, 2021 Mayor Quinn made a Proclamation in support of the 30x30 Campaign. Western Leaders Network (WLN) is sponsoring the 30x30 campaign by asking local and tribal governments to pledge to preserve 30% of the Earth’s lands and oceans/waterways by 2030 to fight the climate crisis and protect wildlife, our waters, and natural places. The campaign is a worldwide, science-based initiative. Currently, Broomfield has 34.9% of its planning area in public and private open space and parks. Broomfield’s Comprehensive Plan calls for preserving 40% of the community’s planning area in open lands. Acquisitions by the City and County of Broomfield, private sector land dedications through the development process, partnerships, and grants are just some of the tools to meet the remaining 5.1%.

Read the Proclamation

The Field Open Space

What’s in a Name?

There are many parks, fields, and open space areas in Broomfield that bear the name of people who live, or have lived in Broomfield. Check out this list to see who these people are.

Suggestions for Open Space and Trails

The Open Space and Trails staff and Advisory Committee would like your comments on open space needs and strategies as well as any trail connects that are needed in the city. Please email your comments to Open Space and Trails.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Open Space and Trails Department is to acquire open space and create a comprehensive trail system that allows for the enjoyment of the outdoors and promotes a healthy environment for people, nature, and community.