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The mission of the Open Space and Trails Department is to acquire open space and create a comprehensive trail system that allows for the enjoyment of the outdoors and promotes a healthy environment for people, nature, and community.

Restoration Maintenance - Nissen Reservoir Channel in Country Vista Park Open Space

Broomfield is working with the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD) to perform restoration maintenance along Nissen Reservoir Channel in the Country Vista Park Open Space. Over the past few years, the Nissen Channel flow has eroded the bank through Open Space along the rear of residential properties on Wolff Drive. Approximately 320 feet of the channel will be realigned to the north.

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For questions about the project, please contact Rebecca Baker at 303.438.6259 or email

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Coyotes are active this time of year

In late fall and early winter, coyotes are selecting their mates and establishing territories where they will live and raise pups in the spring. Coyotes may be more sensitive to people and pets this time of year. It's important to take precautions now to keep humans, pets, and coyotes safe. Read more...

Open Space Fall Speaker Series

Learn more about local wildlife, trends, and opportunities to increase your enjoyment of open space! Check out the Fall Speaker Series Schedule
The Speaker Series is sponsored by Broomfield Open Space Foundation and the City and County of Broomfield Open Space and Trails Department. 
See video of April's "Keep The Field in Broomfield" presentation featured in the Spring Speakers Series.

Interested in Birds?

Would you like to join others to learn about wild birds and have fun? Check out the Broomfield Bird Club!


Updated Trails Map

The Broomfield Trails Map was updated in late 2016 to include the latest trail connections. Click on the map image to view online, call 303.464.5803 to request a hard copy be sent to you, or
email Open Space.

Why is that area named that?

There are many parks, fields, and open space areas in Broomfield that bear the name of people who live, or have lived in Broomfield. Check out this list to see who these people are.

Open Space and Trails Advisory Committee 

The Open Space and Trails advisory Committee (OSTAC) is made up of seven citizen members at large (appointed by City Council), one ex officio, non-voting Council member and one ex officio alternate. Read more...

Suggestions for Open Space and Trails

The Open Space and Trails Advisory Committee would like your comments on open space needs and strategies as well as any trail connects that are needed in the city. Please email your comments to Open Space and Trails.


Would you like to be a volunteer for the open space and trails program for the benefit of the community? Joining an Adopt-a-Trail or Adopt-an-Open Space site is just one way your energy can help the community!