Broomfield Town Square

Developer and owner of the project: Broomfield Town Square Alliance

Page last Updated: Oct. 12, 2023

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Rendering of Broomfield Town Square public spaceBroomfield Town Square is a development planned on an approximately 39-acre site north of West 120th Avenue and east of Main Street. On Sept. 12, 2022, the Broomfield City Council approved the zoning-related plans (PUD Plan), final plat and a comprehensive plan land use map amendment for a mix of uses, including up to 643 residential units located north of E. 1st Avenue and up to 187,000 square feet of commercial development, including the redevelopment of the former Safeway site as a market hall.

The guiding principles and preliminary vision for the Broomfield Town Square emerged through a series of community focus sessions held in January 2017. The guiding principles called for an interconnected, pedestrian-friendly built environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle and community through a network of streets, promenades, trails and public spaces that incorporate opportunities for public art.

Civitas, an urban and landscape design firm, was initially selected to prepare conceptual plans. In 2019, the Broomfield City Council approved a redevelopment and reimbursement agreement with the Broomfield Town Square Alliance to further refine the planning and ultimately serve as the master developer of the Broomfield Town Square.

For more details and background on the project, visit the archived Broomfield Town Square Development Project page on Broomfield Voice. For the latest updates and new details, visit the developer’s (Broomfield Town Square Alliance) website.