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*  April (Monthly) returns due May 20, 2022
 Remember to enter your Broomfield's sales tax license/account number and filing period on the return form.

* Short Term Rentals - For more information, please Click Here 
* Important Notice: The following ordinances were adopted by City Council and will be effective March 25, 2018
Ordinance No. 2062 - Sales Tax Definition Amendment
 Ordinance No. 2063 - Eliminate Interest on Tax Refund for Use Tax
Full Copy (PDF)

 * The NSF/ACH return fee will be increased from $20 to $27 effective May 7th, 2018

Important note regarding payments:
Please do not combine Sales Tax payments on the same check with Property Tax payments.

Please make separate checks payable as follows:
SALES TAXES: City and County of Broomfield
PROPERTY TAXES: City and County of Broomfield - TREASURER

Call or email us regarding our payment by "wire transfer" program.
303-464-5811 or