Exam Proctoring

The Broomfield Library offers exam proctoring services for library customers with proof of Colorado residency (a Colorado ID or piece of mail). These services are subject to availability of authorized staff.

How to schedule a proctored exam

  • The student must contact staff by phone (720-887-2350) or email (referencedesk@broomfield.org) with a minimum of one week's notice to discuss scheduling a proctored exam. It is the student's responsibility to contact the library to book an appointment.
  • After the student and library have discussed the details, the student's institution must contact staff to confirm that the library may act as an official proctor and to pass along any necessary qualifications. Exams can be sent by the student's institution via email, online code, or paper copy (students should allow additional time for paper copies).
  • All test-taking and proctoring requirements and materials must be received from the issuing educational institution before any tests are scheduled.
  • Exams are accepted on a case-by-case basis, even if the library has already proctored an exam for a particular student or institution in the past.
  • Exams may be scheduled for a maximum of three hours during a mutually agreed upon time between the student and the library. 
  • Exams will take place in a library study room. The proctor will not be present in the room with the student, but will monitor through a glass door. Each study room offers the following amenities: table, chairs, desktop computer, two data ports, whiteboard, large TV screen, and electrical outlets.
  • Completed exams will only be returned to the student's institution by email, online code, or stamped mail, or prepaid delivery service (e.g., Federal Express or UPS). The student or student's institution is responsible for return postage in the case of stamped mail returns; FedEx and unstamped envelopes will not be accepted. Library staff will return the exam the day it is completed.
  • The library and the City and County of Broomfield reserve the right to refuse exam proctoring service at any time.
  • Please note the Broomfield Library is not a certified proctor location for Brigham Young University.

If you would like to arrange for this free Library service, please call 720.887.2350 or email referencedesk@broomfield.org. If the student is aware that this library meets their testing institution's proctoring requirements, they may fill out this form to request an exam proctor. In accordance with the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights, the library does not limit exam proctoring based on the subject matter or content of the exam or on the beliefs or affiliations of the student or their institution.

Other local options available for proctoring include:

Front Range Community College Testing Centers (fee-based)

All tests at FRCC are by appointment only.

The two closest FRCC testing centers are:

Student Development Center
3645 W. 112th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80031
Phone: 303-404-5301
Email: wctestingcenter@frontrange.edu

Boulder County
2190 Miller Drive
Longmont, CO 80501
Phone: 303-678-3647
Email: bctesting@frontrange.edu