Bicycle Safety Tips - Share the Road 

Bicycle riding is fun; it is a great source of fitness, as well as convenient transportation. Before using your bicycle, make sure it is ready to ride. You should always inspect your bike to make sure it is properly equipped, and that all parts are secure and working properly. 

  • Inflate tires properly 
  • Check the brakes 
  • Handlebars and seat; secure and adjusted to the proper height 
  • Front and rear lights for riding at night 
  • A bell or buzzer to signal pedestrians and other bicyclists 

Seventy-five percent of all bicycle fatalities are the result of head injuries. Wearing a bicycle helmet could save your life. Take time to select a helmet that is the right size for your head. A helmet should fit snugly; worn over the forehead, with the chin strap secured. Ask an experienced bike shop employee to assist you with a proper fit. 

In Colorado, motorists and cyclists share the road. Bicycles are considered to be vehicles, and bicyclists must obey the same rules as motorists. Bicyclists should show respect and consideration when sharing the road. 

  • Ride single file in the same direction as other vehicles 
  • Obey traffic signs, signals and lane markings 
  • Use marked bike lanes where available 
  • Signal your move to others 
    • Left turn – left arm goes straight out 
    • Right turn – left arm is bent at the elbow, forearm is pointing straight up 
    • Stop – left arm is bent at the elbow; forearm is pointing down at the ground 
  • Ride so other drivers can see you 
  • Never ride double; standing on stunt pegs, or sitting on the handle bars, is illegal and can be dangerous 
  • Do not dodge in and out of parked cars 
  • Ride far enough out from the curb or edge of pavement to avoiding hitting up against it 
  • When entering any street or intersection, check for traffic by looking left-right-left 
  • Use the crosswalk if it is available 
    • Dismount your bicycle and walk it across the street. 

Bike paths, sidewalks and trails, must be shared with pedestrians. Here are a few rules that should be followed: 

  • Travel at a safe speed 
  • Yield to pedestrians 
  • Ride on the far right side of the path 
  • Ride single file 
  • When passing another bicyclist or pedestrian make your presence known 
    • Ring a bell as you approach
    • Shout “Passing on your left” 

Whether you are riding on a city street, designated bike lane, bike trail or path, always: 

  • Be predictable 
  • Be visible 
  • Ride defensively 
  • Share the road or trail 
  • Be courteous