Septic Systems (On-site Wastewater Treatment System)

An On-site Wastewater Treatment System, also known as septic systems, is any system used for the collection, storage, treatment, neutralization, or stabilization of sewage that occurs on the property. A licensed installer or contractor must inspect On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems. Contact an environmental health specialist at 720.887.2220 to become a licensed inspector.

Regulation and Fees

On-site Wastewater Treatment System Application

Resources to apply for an on-site wastewater treatment system:

Use Permits

Resources to obtain or renew Use Permits:

Homeowner Videos

Watch this video for a quick overview of an on-site wastewater treatment inspection and maintenance.

Learn about on-site wastewater treatment system regulations, how they function, and how to maintain your individual system to protect water quality and the environment.