Crack Seal Maintenance Program

Cracks are a common pavement distress. As part of our pavement preservation strategy, we have an annual program to seal and repair those cracks. Each spring, Streets Services assesses the condition of each street in Broomfield. These condition assessments guide and prioritize pavement repairs and preservation treatments including reconstruction and seal coats. The crack seal program is performed citywide, weather dependent, throughout the year. The annual crack seal program is a low-cost method and strategy to extend the life of our roadways.

Determining how cracks are preserved or repaired is dependent on two factors:

1. The width of the crack - cracks that are relatively small (hairline to 1 inch) are typically good candidates for crack seal. Cracks in width between 1 inch to 2 inches, depending on other factors, can be preserved using mastic. Mastic is a rubberized asphalt emulsion similar to crack seal with aggregate material to add some structure to the cracked area. Cracks in excess of 2 inches dependent on other factors can be repaired through asphalt patching, where the asphalt is cut and removed and replaced with new asphalt.

2. The crack deflection - as cracks begin to degrade due to water intrusion, the subgrade washes away and it begins to deflect or sink creating the notorious thud as you drive over them. Mastic can be used in cracks that have slightly deflected and have a width of up to 2 1⁄2 inches, cracks that have gone beyond this will be prioritized for maintenance dependent on Broomfield street system needs as a whole.

Here is an interactive map that shows the areas that are being worked on, completed, and scheduled.

To report any concerns contact Street Services at 303-438-6334.

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