Oil and Gas Notification

The City and County of Broomfield passed Ordinance No. 2178 in April 2022 regarding setbacks from oil and gas facilities and associated notification requirements. 

The new regulations require property owners to provide a notice to potential lessees or purchasers of a property regarding the proximity of oil and gas facilities.  

The notification is required from owners of property within 2000 feet of any existing, permitted or proposed oil and gas location or a plugged or abandoned well (see map).  The written notice must meet the following requirements:

  • The text in the notice must be 14 point font or larger.  
  • The notice must be provided from property owner to potential buyer no less than 30 days before closing, unless a lesser timeframe is consented to by the seller and potential purchaser provided that the notice occurs before the signing of any purchase or sale agreement for the home.
  • The notice must also be provided to any potential lessee prior to the signing of any lease agreement.
  • The notice must, at a minimum, state:
    • As required by section 16-28-190 of the Broomfield Municipal Code, notice is hereby given that [insert description of lot] is within 2000 feet of a producing, permitted or proposed oil or gas location or a plugged and abandoned well. For more information contact the City and County of Broomfield or the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. 

See link to example notice.
See link memorandum and ordinance


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