Persons With Disabilities

Plates & Placard Requirements

Colorado statutes provide that individuals whose ability to move from place to place without the aid of a mechanical device, or having a physical impairment that substantially limits their ability to move from place to place, are qualified for disabled parking privileges. Secure and Verifiable Identification is required.

A DR2219 Persons with Disabilities Parking Privilege Application must be completely fill out in front of a medical professional. Incomplete applications will be rejected. The completed form is required to obtain the placards or plates.

  • Permanent disabilities - Individuals authorized for persons with disabilities parking privileges are restricted to either two placards (hang tags) or one placard and one set of license plates. The plates must be issued to a vehicle that is titled and/or registered to the disabled individual. If title and/or registration is held by more than one person the disabled individual must be one of the named owners. These placards and plates must be recertified every three years.
  • Temporary disabilities - An individual with a temporary disability can be authorized for a Persons with Disabilities Parking Privilege Application must be completed and submitted to the motor vehicle office in the county of residence.

Organizations Transporting Disabled Individuals

Organizations, such as nursing homes, that consistently transport disabled individuals may also submit a request on letterhead, written by the director of the organization requesting issuance of permanent placards. The letter must state the use of the vehicles and copies of the registration showing the vehicles are in the organization's name must be submitted. Requests are processed on an individual basis by the motor vehicle office in the county where the facility is located.

For more information, see the State of Colorado pamphlet on Persons with Disabilities Parking Privileges.