Emissions Requirements and Extension

Emissions requirements vary from vehicle to vehicle. The following information may be used as a guideline to determine whether or not your vehicle may need an emissions test.
  • New gas vehicles are exempt seven (7) years from the date of manufacture
  • Gas vehicles that are 1982 or new are tested every two (2) years
  • Gas vehicles that are 1981 and older are tested every year
  • Newer diesel vehicles are exempt four (4) years from the date of manufacture
  • 2003 and older diesel vehicles are tested every year, unless they have a GVWR of 14,000 lbs. and then they are tested every other year until the tenth (10) year.
  • Emission information is located to the right of your name on the registration, "P" for pass, the date and "E" for enhanced test and the next due date.
Broomfield County is an emissions enhanced county. For additional information, visit www.aircarecolorado.com.

Information on Rapid Screen can be found at www.aircarecolorado.com/rapidscreen.

Emission Extension

Emission Extension is only for vehicles that are temporarily out of state at the time of renewal.

To obtain an emission extension provide the following:

  • Emission Extension Form DR 2376
  • Copy of Current Insurance
  • Renewal card if available
  • Contact Number 
  • Check or Money Order
  • If emission test is required in the out of state county where the vehicle is located then you must submit the passing emission.
  • If the out of state county the vehicle is located in does not require an emission test then you must submit a Vin Verification DR2698 completed by law enforcement only and submit with your application.