Title and Registration Costs

To prevent errors, we will not quote exact fees over the phone.

New Vehicle Registration Fee Estimate
  • Please visit MyDMV and select "Vehicle Services" followed by "Estimate Registration Fees." The calculator will provide an estimate for new vehicle registration fees only. Please note this is an estimate and does not include sales tax, specialty license plate fees or late fees.
When applying for a Colorado title and/or registration, you are required to pay all applicable fees and taxes. The following is an explanation of these.

Title Application Fees
  • Title Fee: $7.20
  • Additional Fees are required when filing a lien
Sales taxes are based on the vehicle purchase price.
  • Colorado State sales/use tax is 2.9%
  • RTD sales/use tax is 1.1%
  • Broomfield City sales/use tax is 3.75%
  • Broomfield County sales/use tax is .4%

Vehicle Registration Fees

Registration fees (license fee plus ownership tax) are based upon the year, weight, taxable value and the month of registration. Since these figures are not the same for all vehicles, this site cannot provide you with exact fees. The license fee is based upon the weight of your vehicle, while the other factors determine your ownership tax. The formula below can be used to calculate the ownership tax portion of your fees.
  • Light truck: 75 percent of MSRP (sticker price)
  • Passenger vehicle: 85 percent of MSRP (sticker price)
  • Year of service as defined and calculated by the State Department of Revenue (may include the manufacturer year as stated on the manufacturer certificate of origin.  This determines the year of service);
    • First year: 2.1 percent of tax value
    • Second year: 1.5 percent of tax value
    • Third year: 1.2 percent of tax value
    • Fourth year: 0.9 percent of tax value
    • Fifth - Ninth year: 0.45 percent of tax value
    • Tenth year and older: Minimum of $3.00 per year
Ownership tax is a personal property tax. This tax is determined by the manufacturer year of the vehicle, original taxable value and date of purchase.  This statewide calculation is set by Colorado Legislature and administered by the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Ownership taxes begin to accrue from the date of purchase. The more time that passes between purchasing, and registering a vehicle will result in additional ownership taxes due.

Late Fees

A newly purchased vehicle is subject to vehicle registration late fees 61 days after the purchase date.

Motor Vehicle owners who are late in renewing or registering their vehicle face a late fee of $25.00 per month up to a maximum of $100.00.

Trailers with an expire date after July 15, 2010 will incur a late fee of $10.00 maximum. Any trailers expired on or before July 15, 2010 are subject to the $25.00 a month, $100.00 maximum late fee.

Colorado law governs the fee structure for all vehicle registrations. The fees are uniform statewide, and administered by the Department of Revenue through the County Clerks' offices.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Acceptable forms of payment at Broomfield Motor Vehicle are cash and check with no additional fees.
Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Additional portal fee of .75 cents per transaction plus 2.25% will be charged on both Credit/Debit cards.
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Additional information regarding electronic payments should be directed to 303.534.3468 or the email address is support@www.colorado.gov.