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How to do Business with the City and County of Broomfield

City and County of Broomfield

One DesCombes Drive

Broomfield, CO 80020

Welcome to Broomfield! As a local municipal government interested in providing the best value for our taxpayers, we welcome all contractors and suppliers who are interested in providing products and services to Broomfield. We work to maintain a friendly, open environment to create a mutually beneficial relationship for our suppliers and our citizens.

We value the professional contributions you offer that help make us successful. We strive daily to make Broomfield's Vision a reality.

This information is for you. It is designed to give you an inside look at Broomfield and the purchasing policies that govern us. We want you to have this information to assist you in your professional contacts with us.

Vendor Registration

If you wish to do business with Broomfield, the first step is to register through Rocky Mountain e-Purchasing System. This website is hosted by BidNet at BidNet Direct. We have created a database of our suppliers and contractors for use by our departments as they seek to purchase goods and services. This database will be maintained by BidNet. The registration process is free to all vendors. However, vendors can receive additional BidNet services upon registering. For a yearly fee, you will receive 'push' e-mails of opportunities by commodity code. The advantage to you, as a vendor, is that you will be able to see other local governments' opportunities at the same time.

If you need assistance, please call BidNet at 800.835.4603 (8 am to 8 pm EST) and ask for their Vendor Support Department. After registering, please be sure to keep your registration information current. 

Vendor Selection

For in-house purchases, vendor selection is from the registered vendor list for the commodity sought. You may be contacted by phone, fax, or e-mail for informal quotes. Each selected vendor is given an opportunity to participate, and we attempt to contact an appropriate number of registered vendors on each informal quote. Selected vendors are required to submit a W9 and a current Certificate of Insurance.

The majority of Broomfield's formal solicitations are advertised and posted on BidNet.

Deadlines for solicitations to be returned will be indicated in our formal procurement documents. If you receive a formal bid or RFP request, please read it carefully and make sure you meet the deadlines required. We are unable to accept late proposals, and will return them to you unopened.

Purchase Orders

Products or services in excess of $5,000 may not be shipped or performed without a written purchase order. The purchase order number must be referenced on all packing slips, invoices and other documentation. Orders should be shipped FOB (Freight on Board) destination unless otherwise specified on the purchase order. Freight should be prepaid and included on the invoice. We will not accept COD orders. Blanket purchase orders will be set up to make periodic releases at Broomfield's discretion. Broomfield purchasing cards are in use for items primarily under $5,000. All purchase orders are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Billing and Payments
Our payment terms are Net 30 days. We are not able to issue payment against our purchase orders without an invoice. We process paper work upon receipt of the product or service and proper invoicing. You can assist us in expediting your payment by making sure your invoice reflects our purchase order number, and all information is correct. Questions regarding payment of invoices may be directed to Accounts Payable at 303.438.6357.

A word about prices

Those who make purchasing decisions for Broomfield are governed by ordinances and policies that dictate how we can procure products and services. We normally solicit quotes for purchases over $10,000 and request formal written solicitations for purchases over $50,000. Purchases over $50,000 require a public notice be posted in a local or regional news source.

Broomfield is exempt from all federal, state and local tax. Our Colorado tax exempt number is 98-02553. Our FEIN is 84-6014589.

Scheduling appointments

If you would like to meet with us, it's best to contact us by email at

Bids and Requests for Proposal (RFP)

We participate in cooperative purchases, State, and MAPO awards open to Broomfield whenever possible. If you have been awarded a bid by the State of Colorado, MAPO or any other cooperative alliances, be sure to notify us.

Professional services, including architectural, engineering, legal, consulting and construction services may be negotiated on the basis of fair and reasonable fees, and demonstrated competency and qualifications for the type of service required.

Broomfield awards contracts after carefully evaluating the submittals. All factors impacting a submittal, such as freight and artwork charges, must be included so that the total costs can be compared. Evaluation factors include, but are not limited to, vendor qualifications, quality of product, adherence to specifications, maintenance and service reputation, financial status, past experience, cost, and past performance. Evaluations can affect our subsequent buying decisions. We actively pursue the best products of a quality consistent with the intended use. We also seek the best possible price with superior service. Broomfield will only accept the first submittals provided by a vendor. We do not engage in the practice of price shopping. Thus, all vendors are encouraged to provide their best possible offer the first time.


Broomfield employees are prohibited from soliciting or accepting any gift, gratuity, favor, entertainment, loan or any item of monetary value from any person who has or is seeking to obtain business with the City and County, or from any person within or outside Broomfield employment whose interest may be affected by the employee's or elected official's performance or non-performance of official duties.

Payments, gratuity, or offer of employment (kickback) made to any person by or on behalf of a contractor or subcontractor, as an inducement for the award of a contract, is unlawful.

Number, please!

Questions regarding Broomfield's activities may be directed to the Communications and Governmental Affairs Department at 303.438.6355 or the Citizen Assistance Center at 303.438.6390, or by accessing our webpage at Our business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays.

Questions regarding invoices, payments and updated information may be directed to Accounts Payable at 303.438.6357.

Open Bids

You can see a list of open projects and bids for the city and county.

Vendor Payment Information

The City and County of Broomfield is committed to providing responsive and effective leadership by supporting open, transparent and accountable government.