CIP-Capital Improvements Program

 The City and County of Broomfield Office’s will be closed Monday, May 29th in observance of Memorial Day. 

The CIP Division manages the design and construction of public infrastructure and facilities for the residents of Broomfield in a cost effective and timely manner. The projects will be managed reliably and the division shall act as the steward of the City funds to accomplish these projects with a high degree of quality and minimal impacts to the residents.

5-Year Capital Improvement Project Plan

Click below to view Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budgets.  The CIP budget is the result of careful planning and use of the City and County Comprehensive Plan. The Long Range Financial Plan, and cooperation between citizen committees and department staff.  The focus is on the next five years, but the plan includes details for the next 20 years, plus projects that have been identified that are beyond the 20-year scope.  

A How-To for reading the CIP Plans.

2023 CIP Plan - current
2022 CIP Plan
2021 CIP Plan
2020 CIP Plan
2019 CIP Plan

CIP Resident Project Requests

Broomfield residents are encouraged to submit Capital Improvement project requests. Visit the CIP Project pdf to download the CIP Resident Request Form and for more information. Visit the Drainage Improvement Program for drainage improvement criteria.

Consultant Database Information

The City and County of Broomfield maintains a Consultant Database for professional services (consultants, engineers, and architects).  The information included in this database is used by multiple departments within the City and County when professional services are needed. To request a Statement of Interest and Qualification (SOIQ) form, or to confirm your business is listed in the Consultant Database, please email

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