Nickel Street and Industrial Lane - Intersection Improvements

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In September 2021, Council approved a consulting agreement with Felsburg Holt & Ullevig. Design work is underway.

Indy, Nickel, Commerce


This project will improve the Industrial Lane and Commerce Street intersection by adding synchronized traffic signals, a left turn at NB Commerce St, right turn at EB Industrial Ln and connect bike and pedestrian safety improvements at Nickel St.  The project design has been approved by DRCOG Subregional (Broomfield) Forum for the 2023-2023 TIP funding cycle.  After CCOB completed a stop sign study at the intersection of Nickel St. and Industrial Ln., it was determined that this location warranted a traffic signal.  A traffic signal will increase safety for motor vehicles as well as bicycles that will use the future bike lane along Industrial Lane.