Nissen Channel

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The City and County of Broomfield is hosting a public meeting for the Nissen Channel Drainage Improvements Project, Country Vista to Big Dry Creek.

WHEN:   December 8, 5pm - 7pm

WHERE:  Paul Derda Recreation Center

                  13201 Lowell Blvd., Broomfield, CO 80020

Can't make the meeting?  Please contact:

Broomfield Floodplain Manager:
Rebecca Baker


The Mile High Flood District proposes to work with Broomfield to develop the final design, acquire right-of-way/easements, and construct drainage and flood control improvements for the Nissen Reservoir Channel from approximately Tennyson Street to just upstream of Lowell Blvd. This area is from immediately upstream of the constructed improvements under Lowell Blvd. to the east side of Walmart near the Cimarron neighborhood. The area between these limits is a narrow channel and wide floodplain impacting businesses and overtopping Perry Street during significant precipitation events. The work includes obtaining all required local, state, and federal permits (including environmental).

Project location mapNissen Channel Project Location Map

Floodplain MapNissen Channel Floodplain Map

Additional Project Information:

Ecological Site Analysis

Construction Plans

Weed Management Report

Landscape Plan

Typical Channel Section

Anticipated Construction Schedule

Phase 1:  Fall 2023 (Lowell Blvd. to approximately 100’ upstream of Perry Street)

Phase 2:  Fall 2024 (approximately 100’ west of Perry St. to the upstream project limit)