Open Space Contacts

We have many services available to you, please choose the appropriate contact below based on your needs:

Broomfield Police Department
  • Urgent wildlife issues (injured wildlife, wildlife attack on a pet, hazardous roadkill, bear/moose/mountain lion sightings etc.)
  • Inappropriate use of trails or open space (i.e. damage to property, animals at large, fires/smoking, vehicles on open space, etc.)
  • Urgent after-hours concerns regarding maintenance, wildlife, etc.

Police Non-Emergency Dispatch

Call 9.1.1. for emergencies

Open Space and Trails: Maintenance and Access
  • Issues regarding trail conditions, irrigation, trash, vandalism, graffiti, etc.
  • Permitting process and information on home construction projects that require access across open space, trails, or park land.
  • Adopt-a-Street, Park, or Open Space. Click here for more info.

Parks Services Division
Open Space and Trails: Policy, Planning, and Events
Open Space and Trails staff
303.438.6216 or

Other Wildlife Questions or Concerns
  • Tips for humane wildlife eviction and exclusion. 
  • Wildlife living under your deck, or causing property damage.
  • For information about living with coyotes, click here.
Broomfield Wildlife Masters
More information
Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Park or Shelter Facilities and Reservations
  • Click here for more information.
Recreation Facilities

Environmental and Water Services
  • Disposal and recycling of hazardous materials
  • G.R.E.E.N. Classes, Earth Day, Spring Cleanup
  • Water resources, ditches, and quality testing
Environmental Services
Environmental (Water) Laboratory