Permits & Development Review


Special Use Permits

If you wish to conduct a special activity on open space lands that is outside of normal open space activities or involves large groups (i.e. filming/photographing, large events, etc.) please fill out our Open Space and Trails Special Use Permit and submit it to

Access Permits

If you have no alternative access options and must cross Broomfield-owned property such as open space or parks for a project, it is necessary for you to obtain an Access Permit from Broomfield Public Works Parks Division. Read more about Access Permits.

Prairie Dog Management Permits

For policies, permits, and more information on prairie dog relocation, donation, or lethal control, visit Prairie Dog Conservation and Management.

Development Review

Wildlife and Environmental Clearance Letter Required

Prior to development or construction on land in Broomfield, a 20-day wildlife and environmental clearance letter is required and must be approved by Broomfield staff. The purpose of this letter is to confirm that any environmental or wildlife concerns on the site have been reviewed and addressed prior to construction activities on the land. Please review a more detailed description of the 20-day clearance letter.

Pedestrian/Bike Circulation Plan

All site development plans should include a pedestrian/bike circulation plan sheet (ped/bike plan). The ped/bike plan should include all of the following items. This plan sheet should be included even if the requested information is also contained on a different page(s) within the site development plan.

Environmental Assessments

The goal of the Environmental Assessment process is to limit the impacts that development may have on the environment. Proposed development must also comply with relevant state and federal laws. An Environmental Assessment is required as part of the City and County of Broomfield’s PUD zoning regulations. The studies should be prepared by a qualified wildlife biologist and environmental consultant. Read more about environmental assessments.

Public Land Dedication

Residential development requires a public land dedication (PLD). Please see the Public Land Dedication Handout to determine how to calculate PLD.

The Open Land/Trails analysis should be coordinated with the environmental assessment so that these areas are located with consideration to the environmental constraints and opportunities of the site. Read more about environmental assessments.