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Broomfield Pals connects neighbors! How can you help your friends and neighbors who are encouraged to stay home to protect against the COVID-19 virus? Apply to become a Broomfield Pal! 

Help friends and neighbors by offering connections and assistance during the COVID-19 public health crisis. Assistance should be virtual if possible, and if not possible, must be no contact. What does that mean? If dropping off a package or delivery, utilize porch pick up. If arranging a sidewalk show or check-in chat, arrange to have the resident in need stay inside their home and choose a location that can be seen via a window. Get creative and chat via phone while you can see each other outside a window or doorway! 

No matter what, maintaining the health and safety of all Broomfield Pals is the number one priority of being a good community member!

Apply Today

Residents Requesting Support: Review the requirements below and fill out this application to receive community support through the Broomfield Pals program. 

  • You are a Broomfield resident.
  • You can benefit from making community connections and receiving extra support. 

Volunteers: Please fill out this application if you or your family are able to assist one of your Broomfield neighbors. You will be matched with a neighbor as close to your home as possible. Here are just a few examples of services that could be provided by volunteers. 

  • Lawn maintenance (mowing, weeding, etc.)
  • Plant / maintain a garden
  • Virtual coffee or lunch dates
  • Other needs as they arise

These are the expectations of a Broomfield Pals volunteer:

  • Fill out the volunteer application and liability waiver.
  • Complete a background check (for each person 18+) through a link that will be emailed directly to you from Background Information Services (BIS).
  • Be matched with a Broomfield neighbor and find ways to safely connect with that person.
  • Find creative ways to connect through phone calls, face-time, dropping off and picking up items without placing our most vulnerable at risk even from 6 feet apart.
  • Stay up to date on all Broomfield Public Health Orders and to fully comply with the requirements and suggestions set forth in the Orders. Visit for updates, and subscribe to the City eNewsletter for updates in your inbox.

Residents and volunteers will be notified via email once a match is made! 

Questions?: Email