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Recreation Volunteer Position

Work with trained instructors to build swimming skills and confidence in people of all ages and ability levels. Opportunities are offered year round at three facilities: Broomfield Community Center, Paul Derda Recreation Center, and The Bay Aquatic Park.

Pass along knowledge of one of the sports listed below to the next generation of athletes as a volunteer coach.
  • Basketball / Little Dribblers (January-March)
  • Lacrosse (March-May & September-October)
  • Volleyball (March-May & September-October)
  • Baseball, Softball, Boys T-Ball (May-July)
  • Girls T-Ball, Little Sluggers (June-July)
  • Track (June-July)Tennis (June-July)
  • Cross Country (August-October)
Therapeutic Recreation
Enhance recreation opportunities for people of all ability levels and ages to participate in leisure activities through specialized classes and inclusion opportunities. Programs offered year round include swim lessons, gymnastics, fitness programs, arts and crafts, and these Special Olympics sports:
  • Basketball (January-March)
  • Gymnastics (January-May)
  • Swim Team (March-May)
  • Soccer (April-May)
  • Track & Field (April-May)
  • Softball (June-August)
  • Bocce Ball (June-August)
  • Golf (June-August)
  • Bowling (September-November)
For a list of current volunteer opportunities, please visit Volunteer Hub. The steps to create an account are described in the guide. For Aquatics questions, contact Dawn Rachjaibun at 303.460.6918 or For Athletics questions, please email 924 or
. For Therapeutic Recreation questions, contact Rachel Robbins at 303.460.6924 or