Route Vehicles

Broomfield Municipal Code - Chapter 5-24

A Residential Route Delivery license is required of each person who maintains a regularly established route in the the City and County of Broomfield.

The annual fee is $50 for the first vehicle, $25 for each additional vehicle, and $1.00 for each vehicle sticker. Route Vehicle Licenses expire March 31 each year.  

All applications for a Mobile Home Court License must be submitted in the licensing portal. Note: The portal will not allow you to complete your application submission if required information is missing. However, you can always save your work in the portal and come back later to complete and submit the application. 

Once the completed application is submitted through the licensing portal, and the applicable fee is paid, the application is processed. Once approved, the new license and sticker(s) will be emailed. The licensee shall print the required number of stickers and affix to each delivery vehicle. 

Route Vehicle License Application