Curb Painting

Broomfield Municipal Code – Chapter 12-20

1. Applicant must apply for a Solicitor’s License with the City Clerk’s office. This license requires a background check by the Broomfield Police Department which must be completed prior to issuing the Curb Painting Registration. Notification from the City Clerk’s office is required to proceed.

2. Complete Application for Curb Painting Registration – this application is available through the City Engineering division.

3. Performance bond or cash bond of $200.00 must be posted. Bond will be returned to applicant upon request after completion of the project.

Addresses may be painted on curbs adjacent to the property only under the following conditions:

1) The numbers shall be black, 4 inches tall, on a white background. Such background shall be at least one inch larger than all lettering.

2) The property owner must consent in writing before any numbers, background, or other markings are painted on the curb.

3) Any person painting addressees on curbs, other than in front of his or her own property, must first register with the City Engineer on forms provided by the City and obtain all applicable permits, licenses and approvals required by this Code. The City Engineer may revoke permission to paint addresses on curbs for violation of any of the terms of this section.