Property and Evidence

Gathering and maintaining property and evidence is essential to law enforcement. In Broomfield, two property/evidence technicians, overseen by a supervisor, ensure that specific standards and directives are met when handling and disposing of property in a timely manner. 

When the Department comes in custody or possession of property or evidence in the performance of their duties, it is barcoded and properly stored in the restricted access Property and Evidence Room. Bar coding all property ensures it is tracked, audited, and maintained for as long as necessary. At the end of that time, the property is either returned to its owner or disposed.

Unclaimed Property Notice (Lost/Stolen/Abandoned)

Notice is hereby given that the property listed below is being held by the Broomfield Police Department. If you believe that any of this property belongs to you, you must claim it within 60 days of the date it was posted. All property remaining unclaimed after 60 days shall become property of the City and County of Broomfield and will be disposed of in accordance with Section 8-24-100 of the Broomfield Municipal Code. For inquiries, please call the Broomfield Police Department's Property and Evidence Unit at 303-438-6444.

Case # Description Location Date
23-18503 Set of Keys Maple Dr & W 10th Ave Cir 4/10/23
23-18200 Gray Backpack 13200 Sheridan Blvd 4/10/23
23-18349 iPhone 7 Alcott Cir & W 133rd Cir 4/10/23
23-21377 Folding Knife 17 DesCombes Dr 4/25/23
23-18617 Crawfish Trap 1275 Poplar Way 4/26/23
23-24496 Red Bike with Cup Holder
Red/Black Scooter
Silver Scooter
Black & Yellow Scooter
E Midway Blvd & Yates 5/10/23
23-19483 Raleigh Talus Mountain Bike W 134th Ave & Westlake Dr 5/16/23
23-25765 Pueblo Nishiki Bicycle 11370 Destination Dr 5/16/23
23-24530 Black Backpack 990 Hoyt St 5/17/23
23-26477 Keys on Animal Keychain 3774 Desert Willow Ave 5/22/23
23-26638 Gray Backpack 11880 Upham St 5/22/23
23-27653 iPhone Hwy 128 & Interlocken Loop 5/25/23
23-27708 Electric Scooter 1050 US Hwy 287 5/25/23
23-29953 #1 Light Blue Bicycle 640 Main St 6/6/23
23-29953 #2 White Bicycle 640 Main St 6/6/23
23-29974 #1 Black & White Bicycle 4380 W 144th Ave 6/6/23
23-29974 #2 Tote with Various Items 4380 W 144th Ave 6/6/23
23-30436 #1 Blue Backpack with Miscellaneous Items 13898 Broadlands Dr 6/8/23
23-30434 #2 Tote Bag with Miscellaneous Items 13898 Broadlands Dr 6/8/23

Body Worn Cameras (BWC)

Two body worn technicians are responsible for the storage, release, and redaction of body worn camera digital media and other related sources. The following is a list of essential functions the team provides:

  • Receiving and maintaining the inventory and storage of all digital data and media from body worn cameras.
  • Maintaining the inventory of all body worn camera related hardware.
  • Tracking and completing requests for data, voice, and video recordings received by the department.
  • Completing duplication of digital data and media from body worn cameras requested by the district attorney's office, defense attorneys, or the general public.
  • Reviewing and releasing copies of digital data and media in accordance with federal and state statutes and departmental policies.
  • Disposing of digital data and media per federal and state statutes, departmental policies, and city and county ordinances.
  • Training sworn staff of the use of body worn cameras.
  • Maintaining and issuing all body worn cameras and hardware. 

Have a question about body worn cameras? Email or call 720-566-4823.
Click here to request digital media (body worn camera, 911 audio, photos) online.

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