What Alert & Warning System is used in the City & County of Broomfield?

CodeRED (similar to Reverse 9-1-1), is the primary alert & warning system utilized in the City & County of Broomfield. The Broomfield Police Public Safety Communications Center can activate CodeRED in a specified area. Calls, texts or emails can simultaneously reach the specified community to deliver alerts/warnings and critical safety instructions.

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1. What Alert & Warning System is used in the City & County of Broomfield?
2. What is CodeRED?
3. Is there an app available?
4. How do I register for CodeRED?
5. Who should register for CodeRED?
6. Why is CodeRED important and how will I benefit from this service?
7. Can you register more than one phone and/or address?
8. I have a CenturyLink landline, (or Comcast VoIP line.) Do I need to register my information?
9. How many times will the system attempt to deliver a message?
10. If I have solicitor block on my phone will I receive a message?
11. What happens if my phone is busy when the system is trying to reach me?
12. What should I do if I receive a CodeRED message?
13. Where can I obtain information updates during an incident?
14. Why didn’t I receive a message?
15. How much time does it take to receive a CodeRED notification once it’s launched?
16. Who uses the CodeRED system?
17. Is there a cost to use CodeRED?
18. I don’t have internet access, and would like to register my phone, what should I do?
19. I am having problems updating and/or deleting my account/information, what should I do?
20. What is the difference between an Emergency Notification, General Notification, and Severe Weather Notification?