How does Broomfield define a "historic" property?

For purposes of designating a local historic landmark, historic properties are defined by the Municipal Code as being at least 50 years old with architectural, social, geographic, or environmental importance. In addition, the historic property will fit at least one of the following criteria: 

•    Exemplify specific elements of an architectural style or period;

•    Illustrate the work of an architect or builder recognized for expertise;

•    Demonstrate superior craftsmanship or high artistic value;

•    Represent an innovation in construction materials or design;

•    Represent a style particularly associated with the Broomfield area;

•    Represent a built environment of a group of people in an era of history;

•    Illustrate a significant historic remodel and identify the site of an historic event;

•    Exemplify cultural, political, economic or social heritage of the community;

•    Represent an association with a notable person, or the work of a notable person;

•    Represent a typical example or association with a particular ethnic group;

•    Represent a unique example of an event in Broomfield’s history;

•    Enhance a sense of identity of the community; or

•    Consist of an established and familiar natural setting or visual feature of the community.

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