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Victim Services Feedback Form

  1. Date form is being completed
  2. Please provide your case #.
  3. Please provide the date on which your case occurred.
  4. In an effort to provide better service to crime victims and witnesses, the Victim Services Unit would appreciate your assistance in completing this survey. Your responses are confidential.
  5. Please rate your overall experience with the Police Department:
  6. Please rate your overall experience with the victim advocate:
  7. I received a Victim Rights and Assistance Brochure.
  8. I understand the criminal justice system process as it relates to my case because of the information I received from the victim advocate.
  9. Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with each statement below:
  10. The victim advocate explained victims' rights to me.
  11. The victim advocate provided me with emotional support.
  12. I feel that I was treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.
  13. I received information to help me plan for my safety/Smart 911.
  14. I was provided information about the availability of community resources for emotional or financial assistance.
  15. I received information on how to sign up for VINE or I was registered with VINE (Victim Information and Notification Every Day).
  16. I received information about Crime Victim Compensation.
  17. My phone calls to the victim advocate were returned promptly.
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