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  1. City and County of Broomfield Department of Public Works Wastewater Division
  2. Odor Report Form
    Odor control is a complex and time-consuming challenge and requires a combination of methods for treating odorous gases and for removing or reducing the potential causes of the odors. We appreciate your assistance in helping us with this issue. It is our desire to address odor issues to the best of our ability. Please complete and submit this form to notify us of odors you are concerned about. We ask these questions to help us identify the source.
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    Basement drains are installed with a p-trap and water seal to prevent sewer gases/odors from entering the house. Given Colorado's climate is semi-arid (dry) the basement p-trap water seal may go dry. We recommend periodically pouring water down your basement drain to maintain the p-trap water seal. If sewer gas continues you may have a leak in the p-trap requiring a repair, or other maintenance may be needed.
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